What to Expect

What to Expect

Initial Meeting and Consultation
• By phone, Skype, email or in person
• You will have the chance to get to know me, review sample ceremonies, have questions answered, and become inspired, confident & excited about your ceremony

Ceremony Resources
• You will receive sample ceremonies that you can customize to suit your own style, or you may choose to use one of several pre-created ceremonies

Follow Up Consultation
• Before your wedding day, we will arrange in person or by phone to do a “Review of the Ceremony”, at which time we will finalize your ceremony content and details of your big day

• On the day of your wedding, I will arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the ceremony and coordinate with your wedding party, musicians, DJ, readers, and wedding planner to ensure everyone is on the same page

• It is the responsibility of the Officiant to mail completed forms to the government to register your marriage as well as file a registry form which is a legal affidavit copy of your original

• Depending on your ceremony, rehearsals can be a very helpful and practical way to prepare for your big day, taking the pressure off, so you can focus on each other instead of the details
• If you decide to have a rehearsal, it will be directed in consolation with the bride and groom as well as coordinating with all those who are assisting; DJ, musicians, wedding planner, venue coordinator, etc

Starting Your Wedding on Time 
• Your wedding is a very special day and should be the happiest day of your lives.  There are many appointments to keep, hair dresser, manicures, photo shoots, etc.  Your ceremony time is the most important appointment to keep
• Thank you for arriving on time!  This will allow me to conduct your wedding proficiently and then have time to travel to my next scheduled appointment.  Help to make your day enjoyable by encouraging your guests to arrive on time and being on time yourselves

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