Wine Ceremony

Wine Ceremony

Option 1 – Blending of two wines and a toast to each other.  May combine white and red or use white or red.

The Officiant announces: “To symbolize and celebrate the blending of your two lives into one, I invite you to perform the Wine Ceremony”.

The couple proceeds to the table and each takes an individual carafe and pours some wine into the larger carafe. The Groom then takes the larger filled carafe with the combined wine and pours some in a glass for the Bride.  The Bride then takes the larger carafe with the combined wines and pours some into a glass for the Groom. He may now toast his Bride with, “Now our lives are one” or “To our lives together” or “To us” and drinks from the glass. This is a great place to add some special words to each other.  The Bride then toasts the Groom with the same.

They place the wine glasses back and turn back to the officiant, who states: “This ceremony represents your two individual lives, combined like the two wines into one single life. The drinking of the combined wine signifies the commitment you now make to live your lives as one family. May you remember this day of commitment you have sealed with drinking of the new wine joining your lives as one.”


Option 2 – A simple toast at the end of the ceremony-after the pronouncement. It is said as a benediction. (A send off/final blessing)

Officiant: Wine is the symbol of joy and celebration.  Throughout history, in nearly all cultures and traditions, the sharing of a cup of wine has been used as a universal, central moment of sharing during significant moments. For many it symbolizes the celebration of the harvest, the changing seasons of life, or the ultimate personal sacrifice which others have made on our behalf.

Wine is, after all, the result of years of hard work, the tender care of the grape, a thoughtful mix of ingredients, the patient fermenting, and the unique flavors of each year.

So it is fitting that the couple take their first cup of wine as husband and wife, to not only celebrate all that has taken place in their lives to this point, but as an expression of hope and faith in the harvest of their lives, the commitment they make, the sacrifice of all whom has made this moment possible.

John and Jane, will you each pick up your glass and bring to mind your promises, the honor and integrity with you have made them and your shared hopes and dreams… and toast to one another?

Couple raises their glasses toast and drink

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